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Problem with Cockroaches in Emerald Isle?

If you live around Emerald Isle, Cape Carteret, Swansboro, you don’t want to see a cockroach in your home or business. If you see one, chances are you might have an entire cockroach infestation.

Types of Roaches in the Emerald Isle area

Roach Control TreatmentThe American Cockroach (water bugs) is a common roach type here in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, and can get quite large in size. They are reddish-brown and are usually what people picture in their minds when they think of cockroaches.

German Cockroach TreatmentGerman Cockroaches is the worst type of cockroach you could get. They breed quicker than other breeds and are the hardest to get rid of. They are a bit smaller than the American Cockroach, light brown in color with two strips on their back.

German cockroaches are scavengers. They eat mostly meats, starches, sugars, and fatty foods. When a shortage of foodstuff exists, they may eat household items such as paper, glue, soap, and toothpaste.

Cockroach Control in Emerald Isle

If you see any cockroaches inside your home or business, you need to take action to minimize the infestation. You need reliable and honest Cockroach Control. . Call (252)523-8255 D & D Pest Control Co. to get rid of cockroaches for good!

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